This works with both Android and Apple


On Demand Reporting

No need to ask for weekly reports. They are on your phone instantly and in real time!

Save time

Leads from many platforms can be routed directly to any mobile device. directly to the app 

Data and Targeting

Our team takes care of the targeting and data to make sure we are on target. 

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Miss a Lead?

Never miss a lead. We have reminders that we go off every 15, 30 and 60 minutes to make sure the leads are taken care of. 

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Easy and Very Fast!

With the combination of our targeted ads and this app. We are able to drive response time down over 100% by streamlining the lead to your phone as it comes in. Your front desk can call, email or text the lead as it comes in so there is no wait and their needs are met almost instantly. 

We will give you more patients than you can handle!

Here are some screen shots of the app in action!

Reporting on your phone

All of the Leads will go Directly to Your Phone in Real Time

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